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So you want to get ‘tantastic’? Why not have a perfect sunless tan then and fool everyone around you? Gone are those days when waiting for summer was the only viable option. Even the usage of sun tanning beds and sun bathing are old practices. With technology making several advancements, you can now have a flawless tanned skin through Melatonin without worrying about any consequences.

With the increasing quest of having a beautiful tanned skin, people are in need of ways which assure safe tanning process. It is due to this that treatments and products which assure a secure sunless tan are in demand nowadays. People willing to have sunless tanned body can opt for injections over products like sprays, lotions and pills which assures tan complexion without the risk of any fatal skin conditions.

What is Melatonin?

One of the latest innovations in tanning, Melatonin is considered as the best alternatives to get tanned without the damage of sun tanning or other chemical products. These injections have peptides which stimulate the tanning response of a body by having minimum exposure to sun. The alpha-melanocyte receptors that this peptide raises, results in the development of melanin which generates necessary tan.

Usage of Melatonin

Melatonin comes in the form of freeze dried powder which is stored in vials. Each vial consists of 10 mg of this freeze dried powder which needs to be restructured with a 100 units of sterile water.

Once the peptide is injected, it spreads throughout the body which stimulates the melanocyte receptors in your body. Based on your quantity of intake, the substance darkens the skin’s melanin.

If you are using the injection for the first time, it is better to take it in smaller doses. This will help you to understand your body’s tolerance level. A lot of clients tell me they take hemp oil uk alongside Melatonin to achieve even better results. Not sure if this is tue. Other than this, you can even check if you are allergic to this solution.

Price of Melanotan 2 tanning injections

These melanotan 2 tanning injections come in the price range of:

Starter Kits-

  • 10 mg – £99
  • 20 mg – £46.99
  • 30 mg – £69.99
  • 50 mg – £114.99

Administration Kits-

  • 10 mg – £4.50
  • 20 mg – £9.00
  • 30 mg – £13.50

Benefits of Melatonin

  1. Long lasting tan

The effects of these injections last for a long period of time. The tan complexion generated through these injections last for about several months to a year for people who take maintenance dosages. Even if you stop the entire dosage, the tan will last for months without requiring any sun exposure.

  1. Weight loss

Debunking the prevalent myth of causing obesity problems, melatonin injections help its users in losing weight. The peptide suppresses your appetite which helps you to burn excessive fats and restricts from excessive food consumption.

  1. Flexibility

Till you reach your desired tan complexion, you can have small dosage of melanin on every other day basis. After this, you can have maintenance dosage once every couple of weeks to maintain the tanned colour.

Getting Melatonin

  • Shipment-

Melanotan 2 injections are shipped by online retailers in most parts of the world.

  • Availability –

These are easily available across shops, retailers, doctors, etc. Other than this, you can get Melatonin online through various online retailers. In fact, this is the best option available today.

  • Handling –

Melatonin remains stable during shipment as they have long durability. Once you receive these, you should store them in your refrigerator for preventing spoilage.

So, if you are a person residing in UK who is in need of sunless tanning products, quickly need Melatonin supplements to get the beautiful tanned body you have always dreamt of!  Did you find a reliable online retailer?

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